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Technology for Sustainable Development Goals Alliance for Asia held an International Inauguration in Singapore Successfully

On the morning of October 28, 2022, the Technology for Sustainable Development Goal Alliance for Asia (Tech4SDG) held its international inauguration at the SWITCH x WAIC Singapore-China AI Forum and released the research outputs. With the theme of "Accelerating Cross-Border Dialogue towards Multilateral AI4Good Initiatives", the forum was organized by Donghao Lansheng (DHLS) and Artificial Intelligence International Institute (AIII), and co-organized by Tech4SDG and SenseTime.



Mr. Qingyang Gu, Chairman of Tech4SDG and associate professor with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) at the National University of Singapore, was invited to deliver a speech on the theme of "Technology for Sustainable Development in Asia". Mr. Gu and Dr. James Ong, the Singapore Secretary-General of Tech4SDG and the founder and MD of AIII announced the establishment of Tech4SDG in Singapore and released the research outputs of the Tech4SDG: "Digital Transformation Facilitating Balanced Development in Asia - Report on Technology for Sustainable Development in Asia (2022-2023)" (English version) and "Metaverse: The New Economic Road in Asia-Pacific" (English version).



Chairman Gu pointed out that it has been almost seven years since the United Nations officially launched the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals has been made strategic progress, yet there is also tremendous pressure. The development of Asia is world-renowned, while sustainable development faces a range of issues, digital technology should play a greater role in promoting sustainable development. For example, Singapore's 10 Million .AI project focuses on SDG4 (Quality Education) and on using technology to promote sustainable development and gender equality in Asia; the SenseTime Intelligent Nursing System brings peace of mind and convenience to ALS patients and their families; over the next decade, the Asia-Pacific metaverse is expected to generate more than $1 trillion in economic output, and every US$1 invested will bring US$3.16 in economic growth, with a return-on-investment ratio of more than three times. Chairman Gu introduced that the establishment of Tech4SDG is based on this, with joint efforts of many universities and think tanks, enterprises, experts and scholars in Asia, and is committed to using technology to promote sustainable development in Asia.


It is understood that the “Digital Transformation Facilitating Balanced Development in Asia - Report on Technology for Sustainable Development in Asia (2022-2023)” is the first research output of the Tech4SDG. The report points out that Asia is key to the global achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, meanwhile, Asia is one of the regions facing the most serious sustainable development challenges globally. Asia currently has a series of challenges to overcome in terms of population, resources and environment, the COVID-19 epidemic, local unrest, global warming, and transformation of economic development, it especially should take the advantage of technology. The report advocates that the formation of the broadest consensus on the ethics of science and technology is essential, especially the widespread recognition and compliance with the three ethical principles of sustainability, human-centric and controllable technology, and to implement to the entire chain of research and development and application to promote the stability and prosperity of Asia.



“Metaverse: The New Economic Road in Asia-Pacific” is jointly published by Tech4SDG and SenseTime. The report points out that metaverse as an emerging form of economy is growing rapidly in Asia-Pacific, and the investment scale and investment growth rate is increasing. The development of metaverse industry and technology will bring significant driving effect to the sustainable development of Asia-Pacific and global economy. The report emphasizes that the development of metaverse requires intelligent engine infrastructure, as well as algorithm and computing power infrastructure. Through the construction of three major infrastructures, SenseTime will help lower the threshold for all industries to enter the metaverse, accelerate the creation of metaverse content, promote the connection, integration and interaction between the virtual world and the real world through technical capabilities such as artificial intelligence and XR, as well as platform-based empowerment means to bring users metaverse experiences that integrates virtual and reality, and promote the new development of digital economy in the Asia-Pacific region.



It is understood that the Tech4SDG, as an international non-profit organization based in Asia, would like to bring together industry-academia-strength in Asia, focusing on 17 SDGs with the mission of promoting the world's economic and social progress by digital technology and shaping a better future for mankind. It is committed to accelerating the process of sustainable development in Asia and discovering the sustainable development models that can be replicated and promoted.


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