Technology for Sustainable
Development Goals Alliance for Asia
Sustainability, human-centric approach, and controllable technology.


As an independent non-governmental non-profit organization, the Alliance aims to mobilize widespread participation by relevant society stakeholders in Asia’s sustainable development through creating links between industry, education, and research in order to (i) promote scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation; (ii) conduct research into scientific and technology ethics; (iii) formulate scientific and technological standards; (iv) carry out research with reference to case studies in the scientific and technological industry; (v) and make the results of the above publicly accessible. Members of the Alliance shall include technology enterprises; scientific research institutions, think tanks; universities, experts and scholars based in Asia.

Our Mission:

Digital technology promotes economical and societal progress to create a better future for humanity.

Our Principles:

Human-centric approach;
Controllable technology.

Alliance members
  • Think Tank & University Committee
  • Enterprise Committee
  • International Advisory Committee
Professor Qingyang Gu
Professor Qingyang Gu

He is currently an associate professor with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) at the National University of Singapore.

Professor Lan Xue
Professor Lan Xue

Lan Xue is a Distinguished Chair Professor and Dean of Schwarzman College at Tsinghua University.

Professor Zheng Liang
Professor Zheng Liang

Linda Wong
Linda Wong

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