Registration Notice

Thank you for your application to join the Technology for Sustainable Development Goals Alliance for Asia (“Tech4SDG”). You can download the "Alliance Registration Form", fill in the relevant information, and send the form to the secretariat of the Alliance ( We will contact you after an internal review of the application form within the Alliance.

1.Conditions for Membership and Term

(1) Agree and adhere to the Constitution of the Alliance

(2) Individuals or institutions that focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and have practical achievements in digital technology or technology ethics research

(3) The members of the Enterprise Committee and the Think Tank & University Committee are enterprises registered in Asia or with Asia as the main market, as well as universities and think tanks in Asia.

(4) There is no membership period limit for institutional members and Asian Advisors of the International Advisory Committee, but the period for Non-Asian Advisors is two years.

2.Procedures for Application of Membership

(1) Submit the membership information application form to the Secretariat

(2) Upon approval by the Secretariat, the application will be submitted to the Management Council for review

(3) Consent for membership is given by the Chairman, without objections from the other members of the Council

(4) Disclosed on the Alliance’s website for one month, following which formal membership of the Alliance shall be granted

(5) After the six-month observation period, the recommended qualification will be obtained.

(6) The above procedures for membership will be implemented from the year 2023. Regarding the initial round of recruitment of members of the Alliance, membership will be granted with the review of the membership information application form and consent of the Founders.