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Technology for Quality Education and Gender Equality (SDG4+5) Practice Cases

Education is directly linked to socioeconomic status and is the key to alleviating poverty. The past decade has seen a significant increase in access to education at all levels and marked increases in enrollment rates, especially for girls. Even so, some 260 million children, or nearly one-fifth of the world’s school-age population, did not attend school in 2018. More than half of the world’s youth still fail to meet minimum literacy and numeracy standards. The question of how to improve education levels (especially among females) is a critical issue around the world.


The Risk and Insurance Management Association of Singapore (RIMAS) is a non-profit organization established in 1988 to advance the discipline and practice of risk management. In recent years, RIMAS has promoted cooperative and self-study courses among its members through all possible channels. To date, RIMAS has engaged and registered no less than 20,000 partners and encouraged more than 10,000 women to study AI, empowering their participation in the field.


Examples include a free joint training camp organized by RIMAS with the Global AI Hub in Singapore and the launch of the “10 million.AI” Project. With a focus on SDG4 (Quality Education), the project looks to leverage technology to achieve sustainable development and gender equality in Asia. It aims to introduce an equal number of female and male AI professionals into the AI ecosystem to learn about the technology.


Specifically, it aims to provide free, first-class education in AI and digitalization globally, engaging 5 million men and 5 million women in the global AI ecosystem over the next 10 years. The project has attracted participation from more than 20 countries and regions worldwide and recruited more than 50 thought leaders with expertise to provide support, with more than 15,000 individuals joining the education platform and training camp. RIMAS is the project’s main partner in Singapore and Asia.


According to the RIMAS Vision for the Future, project expansion will call for risk management in the use and deployment of AI to prevent the malicious use of AI and ensure that it is used in a responsible and ethical manner. (This case has been recommended and provided by the Risk and Insurance Management Association of Singapore.)

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