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Technology for Quality Education (SDG4) Practice Case

Practice Case 2: Qingdao Education e-Platform leads the digital transformation of education comprehensively


As education informatization enters the 2.0 era, the role of the Internet in education development is further highlighted. Internet-enabled education focuses on optimize resource allocation, improve education quality and efficiency, and promote personalized development, aiming to further amplify the functions of education in cultural transmission, choice, innovation and promotion of personal development, and to lay an important technical and humanistic foundation for reducing the education gap.


In this context, Qingdao Education Bureau, in accordance with the policy requirements of the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education of Shandong Province, and the deployment requirements of Qingdao Municipal Government, jointly with Inspur, seized the development opportunity to build a one-stop "Internet+Education" platform – Qingdao Education e Platform, which is the first in China.


The platform focuses on education's endogenous needs and social concerns, vertically connects various education departments at the ministry, provincial, municipal, district and school levels, and horizontally connects to the government service network, Qing e Office and other government platforms, comprehensively empowers the management, decision-making, teaching, evaluation, and other education work, and solves the "information island" and "chimneys stand" of the city's education system. It also carries out the application of big data in education, explores the application of big data in enrollment prediction and education resource bearing, education supervision, education evaluation, students' personalized development and teachers' professional growth, transforms the way of education development and realizes the modern governance of education.


Firstly, it helps stop schools while not stop classes. In 2020, Qingdao relied on the e-platform to ensure that 250,000 teachers and students in 100 high schools would be taught online at home during the school closure period, during which more than 30,000 lessons of various kinds were gathered. In the post-epidemic era, the city's Education Bureau actively responded to social concerns by opening the "Public Welfare Tutoring" to provide high-quality, free online teaching services for the city's primary and secondary school students, fully reducing the burden on parents.


Second, the data sharing application is normalized. In 2021, Qingdao e platform synchronizes school and teacher and student data with the provincial education department regularly every day and completes more than 10 times of external sharing for the Big Data Bureau, Sports Bureau, Audit Office and education internal, and the cumulative amount of shared data reaches ten million, truly realizing data filling once and sharing by many parties.


Third, promoting balanced education based on education data. Relying on the e platform, 650,000 online learning spaces have been opened and nearly 10 million derived educational resources have been gathered, realizing more than 740 synchronous classroom accesses in the city's urban and rural schools, helping 265 urban high-quality schools pair up with 272 weak rural schools, and realizing synchronous classroom connections with schools in Tibet, Australia and other domestic and foreign schools.


Fourth, artificial intelligence helps classroom analysis. At present, classroom analysis has covered all classrooms in Qingdao, serving more than one million students from the beginning of the class, providing effective support for the objectivity and science of teaching management and evaluation.


Fifth, scientific management decision-making. Combined with the actual needs of business departments, 14 data overview screens and more than 50 sets of detailed data analysis reports have been developed to realize the sharing of basic data and one-stop access to services, which provides real-time data support for management decision-making.



The platform builder, Inspur, is a digital transformation service provider for the government and enterprise, providing overall solutions, software development and system integration services for digital government, tobacco, education, credit, traceability, market supervision, civil affairs and other industries. Inspur is the developer of "National Primary and Secondary School Registration Management Information System". At present, Inspur has implemented regional smart education cloud and smart campus construction for dozens of schools in 15 provinces, 14 cities and counties in China, based on the full series of solutions and product systems such as Inspur regional education cloud, smart campus, smart classroom, interactive classroom, and high-quality resource content, and comprehensively assisted the high-quality development of regional education new infrastructure.


The development of quality and balanced education is not a one-day effort, and the common goal of education is to the satisfaction of the people. We believe that with the boost of education information technology, the future teaching content, teaching methods and means will be new, so that students can "go to school" and "be educated well".  (This case has been recommended and provided by Inspur.)